Talking About SEO

When talking about SEO and web design recently  I realized something rather important. My instinct is to think very logically. I feel the need to differentiate between my SEO services in Tampa Bay and that of others. To be honest, a lot of SEOs don’t really know what they’re doing.

Case in point: I get people emailing me and calling me all the time offering me search engine optimization. They don’t know anything about my business, but they want to do my SEO. This is just ridiculous.

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Not only are they likely incompetent at what they do, as I’ll explain in a moment, but why are they calling an SEO business? They should probably do a little more research, but it just shows their lack of attention and that they really don’t care about your Tampa business. They are just blasting cold calls to every business they can get their information on and trying to sell them SEO because it’s a hot item.

They give SEO a bad name because they make it look like a scam at worst, or a shot in the dark at best.

I look these guys up and I always see the same thing. They are not certified by Google. They never have any kind of accreditation. They don’t have any client testimonials, either. Their clients aren’t happy with their services, because they only do surface level SEO that anyone can look up on Google how to do. That level of optimization will not get any business ranked for anything valuable. That being the case, their clients don’t get much search engine traffic and end up being dissatisfied with their services. So, it makes sense that they don’t have any web design client testimonials.

Also, they don’t have any number one rankings. They don’t rank anywhere because they just don’t know how to do it. If they did, they would have recommendations and good reviews from their clients. It’s kind of sad, and frustrating to be a legitimate SEO company and have to deal with confused people who don’t get what SEO even really is because so many people are just trying to make a quick buck with something that is trending.

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Digital marketing is extremely important for any business today. Most business owners understand that, so they want to do something for their website so when you Google it in Tampa they come up first. But, with so many crappy services out there, they think that that’s all there is. The internet is kind of like the wild west. There any laws or regulation for SEO like there is in the medical, accounting, or legal fields. The closest thing you can really get is getting certifications from Google which helps you to pick the best agency. But even that is just a piece of paper from a company. People trust it because Google is usually the search engine they are trying to ranking highly in. But, there are no real rules. That’s why I say it’s like the old west. It really just comes down to what works. If it works, it’s real. If it doesn’t work, it’s not real.

The strongest survive in this field. You do it by any means necessary. Search engine optimization is all about results. So, while I talk about being certified and stuff, having rankings and testimonials is the most important thing. There’s more here about it here in Clearwater. I basically say, you can trust me because I have proof. It’s part of my overall website design. I have proof that I can rank my own website. And, I have proof that I help businesses make more money because they have given me positive reviews. I recommend you check out these guys who have the best SEO and web design for businesses.

So, at business events in Tampa, I feel like I talk about this too much. It seems like a lot of people don’t really know anything about SEO at all. I thought most people have already tried it, but this doesn’t seem to always be the case. Sometimes I think I’m just bringing up negative stuff that they will associate with mean. If you talk about negative things, people will associate those negative emotions with you, even if you’re talking about how you’re different. Also, I think it makes them needlessly concerned about the validity. I think it would be better to just assume my own competence and save the explanation about the darker sides of SEO if they bring it up.

It’s a Race!

This October, we continue our tradition in Tampa to have our annual Tampa Bay Dragon Boat Classic.

Dragon boat racing is an ancient sport that has been around for ages. It helps to develop stamina, team work, back and bicep strength, and more. Rowing the dragon boat requires all of these things and helps you to develop them. Also, the rowing movement is a compound movement so it helps you to build up your strength better than any isolation movement you would do with weight in the gym.

On Tripadvisor, you can see some of the best boat shows in Tampa.

Here’s a great youtube video of one of the races:

There’s a lot of other great boating events besides ours in Tampa, too. There are many things to do in Westchase and Citrus Park. You’ll find lots of shopping and dining and plenty of other things to do.

St Petersburg and Clearwater are just a short drive away, so visit those famous Florida beaches if you can.