It’s a Race!

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This October, we continue our tradition in Tampa to have our annual Tampa Bay Dragon Boat Classic.

Dragon boat racing is an ancient sport that has been around for ages. It helps to develop stamina, team work, back and bicep strength, and more. Rowing the dragon boat requires all of these things and helps you to develop them. Also, the rowing movement is a compound movement so it helps you to build up your strength better than any isolation movement you would do with weight in the gym.

On Tripadvisor, you can see some of the best boat shows in Tampa.

Here’s a great youtube video of one of the races:

There’s a lot of other great boating events besides ours in Tampa, too. There are many things to do in Westchase and Citrus Park. You’ll find lots of shopping and dining and plenty of other things to do.

St Petersburg and Clearwater are just a short drive away, so visit those famous Florida beaches if you can.

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